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Your choice of lawn mower plays a role in determining the speed, ease and convenience of your mowing task. Although the majority of homeowners still tend to opt for gas-powered mowers, the huge strides that manufacturers have made in electric lawn mower technology have made these battery-powered models more popular than ever before.

Electric lawn mowers actually provide many advantages over gas-powered models in that they are quieter and far more environmentally friendly. In this sense, electric lawn mowers can definitely be a great choice, but it’s still important that you understand more about them in order to find a model that fits your specific needs.

Cordless vs. Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

If you’re in the market for an electric lawn mower, the very first thing you’ll need to decide is whether a corded or battery-powered cordless mower is a better fit. With a corded plug-in mower, you’ll need to use one or more extension cords to allow you to reach every part of your lawn, and you’ll obviously need to be careful to avoid mowing over these extension cords.

Cordless battery-powered mowers can provide a major advantage by eliminating the need for extension cords, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re always the best choice. With a battery-powered mower, there is always the chance that the battery will die in the middle of the job, and you’ll need to remember to put the battery on the charger after every use.

This is precisely why corded mowers are often the preferred choice for people with smaller lawns, as you’ll never have to worry about not having enough power to finish the job in one go.

Cordless mowers provide the advantage of not having to worry about accidentally pulling the plug out of the socket, which often happens with corded mowers. The unlimited range of cordless mowers is definitely an advantage, but you will obviously want to make sure to choose a model with a decent battery life to avoid your mower dying halfway through your lawn.

Features to Look for When Shopping for an Electric Lawn Mower

After determining whether a corded or cordless mower is best for your needs, you’ll then want to pay attention to a number of other factors to ensure you choose an appropriate model. One such factor is the deck size, which determines how wide of a swatch of grass you can cut with each pass.

Mowers with a larger deck obviously allow you to cut your lawn faster and more efficiently. At the same time, the larger the deck size, the heavier and more difficult the mower will be to control and maneuver. Mowers with larger decks also tend to use more power, which means that your battery will die quicker. For this reason, you’ll want to choose a deck size that provides the ideal combination of efficiency and size.

The style of mower is also important, and you can find electric lawn mowers that collect the grass clippings in a bag, chop the clippings up finely into mulch or simply shoot the clippings out of the side. Choosing between these styles is generally a matter of personal preference. Still, there are obvious benefits and drawbacks to each style, so it’s important to carefully consider your choice.

As with gas-powered mowers, you’ll also have the choice between push mowers and self-propelled mowers. Self-propelled mowers are generally much easier to use and can help prevent pain and strain on your body due to mowing. However, they also tend to be more expensive, and the extra money may not always be worth the added convenience if you have a smaller lawn.

In addition, you will also want to pay attention to the safety features, height adjustment, starting mechanism and other features as these will also help to determine how satisfied you are with your purchase.

Batteries for Cordless Lawn Mowers

When choosing a cordless electric lawn mower, you’ll also need to focus on the type and size of the battery. Most electric lawn mowers are available with either a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion battery.

Models that use a lead-acid battery tend to be less expensive than those with lithium-ion batteries, but lead-acid batteries are also much larger, heavier and take longer to charge. Whereas a lithium-ion battery can often charge in as little as an hour, lead-acid batteries usually take at least 12 hours to receive a full charge. Similarly, models with lead-acid batteries are also more difficult to maneuver due to the fact that the battery adds an additional 15 to 20 pounds to the mower.

If you can finish your lawn on just one battery, there usually isn’t an issue with lead-acid batteries. However, if you have a larger lawn, you will definitely find that the faster charging time is a huge advantage. Of course, the size of the battery also determines how long it will run in between charges, which means you’re usually better off choosing a model with a larger battery in most cases.

The advancements in electric lawn mower technology has allowed these machines to provide many benefits compared to gas-powered models. That being said, some electric mowers are obviously far better than others. Therefore, it’s imperative that you do your research to ensure that you end up satisfied with whatever model you decide to buy.

Our Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

#1 – EGO Power+ 20-Inch Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower

The EGO Power+ cordless lawn mower has a 20 inch cut capacity, which should help you going through those really rough patches of grass. It can take care some nice wild grass growing as well as cutting through the tall grass.

The battery runs up to 45 minutes, which should enough time to get your lawn looking trim and proper. And you only need 30 minutes to fully charge the battery in case you need to do some additional mowing.

The lawn mower can be folded easily and quickly, so you should have no trouble storing it. The construction of the mower is designed to be weather resistant, so you can take it out with you to work in any weather condition.

#2 – Black & Decker M2040 20-Inch Lithium 3-in-1 Cordless Mower

The Black & Decker M2040 cordless lawn mower includes two 40 volt lithium-ion batteries. The two pack batteries provide a longer runtime, and should allow you to cover quite a large patch of land.

This lawn mower is also easy to adjust. It has a one touch adjustment system to adjust the height of the electric mower to six predefined settings as needed. Unlike mowers of the past, this mower is quiet, so you can enjoy your music or the sounds of nature without disturbing the nearby birds.

The new blade design helps to make this lawn mower run efficiently without problems. It comes with 3 options of mulching, bagging and side discharge, so you can choose what you want to do with the grass clippings.

#3 – GreenWorks 25022 Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower

The GreenWorks 25022 corded electric mower features a 12 amp electric motor which provides enough power to take care even the toughest grass. Its 20 inch cutting deck should help you finish your work quickly and efficiently.

This electric lawn mower has great maneuverability and cutting capacity, so you won’t have to worry about stopping to empty out too soon. It also features 3-in-1 options of rear bagging, mulching and side discharge for the grass clippings.

This corded mower comes equipped with 7-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels, which provide excellent mobility on a wide range of terrain conditions. The position height adjustment allows you to choose the best grass cutting height from seven available options.

#4 – Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe MJ401E corded electric mower features a 12 amp electric motor which is powerful enough to take care of most residential lawns. It can start easily with a push of a button, and comes with a 14 inch cutting deck.

With its strong motor and compact design, this electric mower is excellent for moderate sized lawns in need of a trim. It’s easy to operate, and its small size allows it to be used in tight spaces if needed.

It has a lever to adjust the level for cutting as you want. There are three options so you can get just the right cut for your lawn. The mower also includes a detachable grass catcher so you can dispose the grass clippings easily.