how to seed a lawn

Have you been forlornly looking out at the barren tundra of a lawn that you call your yard? It may seem like a daunting task to have to get out there and start learning how to seed a lawn. But it doesn’t have to to be the difficult task you envision it to be.

The best place to start is in the beginning. Think about the temperature outside, what is your climate like? Some grasses grow best in cooler weather and some grow better in the warmer months and general climates. Once you have the type of grass seed you need in your mind, the rest is all easy, smooth down hill cruising.

The Key Is in the Preparation

Although you may be excited to start throwing grass seeds all throughout your yard, preparation is important to ensure that the seeds take and grow in the manner they should. If you are seeding a lawn for the first time, you will want to loosen the top two to three inches of soil.

Also be sure to pick up any debris lying around as well that could impede the seeds’ growth. After the soon to be lawn is all tidy looking, be sure to level out the areas where water may collect and bog growth down.

If this is not your first rodeo, then you will want to take a tiny bit of a different approach when reseeding a lawn that has been done before. In this case, you should mow the lawn and then loosen the top layer of soil about 1/4 inch deep.

Don’t forget to remove debris in this scenario as well. Finally, you should level out any areas that will fill with water, and use existing top soil beneath the lawn you already have, as added top soil may bear weeds.

Pick Your Style

There are various methods you can use to spread grass seed. The old tried and true method of using your bare hands can certainly work. In that case you will just want to spread your seed evenly in small places.

For those of you that would rather not get your hands as dirty, or have a very large area to seed, may want to opt for a hand crank grass seeder or a mechanical seeder. Using a machine to do your grass seeding will prove to be a lot easier on your body if you have a lot of space to cover.

Upkeep Is Important

Now that the grunt work is all done, it’s not time to just sit back and watch as your lawn magically grows. Maintenance is involved in ensuring your lawn grows as lush and beautiful as you imagine it to be.

Keep the grass bed nice and moist so it stimulates the seedlings to germinate. The key is to water about once a day and nice and light. You wouldn’t want to drown the baby seeds out. You will want to keep this system of watering up until your grass is about two inches high.

Keep away from fertilizer in the beginning germination stages. Wait until you have mowed the new lawn three times.

Once you are reaping what you quite literally had sown, you will be quite pleased to look back at what a pleasant experience the process is of seeding a lawn for yourself. So long as you keep your new grass watered and free of weeds that could potentially choke it out, you will have a beautiful lawn for your family to enjoy.