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For someone without experience, gardening can be a trying endeavor. You can't just throw seeds in the ground, water them and wait for something to grow. Gardening can be a science, and the easiest way to see results is to contain different variables. As you will read below, planter boxes will help you to do this.

What Are the Benefits of Using Planter Boxes?

According to experts, planter boxes are the perfect option for urban and suburban gardeners. But we’d like to argue that planter boxes are useful for rural gardeners as well.

Save time and cut down labor – Full-sized in-ground gardens require a lot of time and attention from start to finish. To start gardening in the ground, you first have to till up your plot and remove rocks before planting, watering and what seems like endless weeding. Planter boxes cut out those first two steps, which spare you having to rent or purchase heavy gardening equipment.

Accessibility – Having planter boxes allows you to garden pretty much anywhere. You can have an herb garden in your kitchen, flowers on your apartment balcony or tomatoes in your backyard. Having planter boxes also makes gardening easier for the elderly and those wheel-chair bound, as it reduces time spent bent over.

Environmentally friendly – While there are specific eco-friendly planters you can purchase, gardening in regular planters can still reduce the amount of natural resources needed to grow your plants, such as less water and less fertilizer.

Quality control – Having planter boxes gives you greater control over planting variables like sun exposure or soil type. Plants grown in planter boxes are also less likely to contract diseases. Additionally, if you’re wanting to grow a space-invading species, planter boxes keep these species contained to prevent them from choking out the rest of your plants.

Extended harvest time or year-round gardening – When planting fruits and vegetables in planter boxes, the soil heats up much quicker, potentially giving you access to your produce earlier than regular harvest times for in-ground gardens. Are you partial to a certain vegetable? You can use planters to grow and harvest your favorite foods all year long.

How to Choose a Planter Box

Container gardening has become much more popular over the last decade, and this new trend has brought with it thousands of options for pots and other planter boxes.

Here are three major points when choosing a planter box:

1. Where will your planter box go? This is an important question if you’re looking to keep your planter box garden aesthetically pleasing. Keep in mind the decorating style or theme you have at home and choose a planter that will complement its designated surroundings.

2. How will your planter box be used? Larger plants like trees or shrubs will need ample room for roots and bulbs and wide brims to accommodate growth. Smaller, compact plants can get away with less room.

3. Is there sufficient drainage? Some ornamental planters are just that – ornamental. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of your planter box, but you do need to be aware of whether there is a drainage hole or if you can easily drill one, otherwise your plants will suffer.

Where Should You Put Your Planter Box?

You can put your planter box just about anywhere, but to maximize plant growth you will need to consider two major variables: sun exposure and ideal temperature.

You will need to research your plant’s preferences for sunlight exposure. Do they thrive in constant sunlight? Or would they fare better with shade for half the day?

Finally, you will need to consider temperature when deciding the best location for your planter. If it’s too cold or too hot outside to grow, bring your planter inside to keep your plant’s ideal temperature regulated.

Planter boxes are an easy and efficient way to begin your green thumb journey or to add to your existing garden. By following the information above, you can begin the planter box selection process to best suit your needs.

Our Planter Box Reviews

#1 – Adams Manufacturing 9302-96-3700 Deck Planter

This is an excellent planter to add some color to your deck or in otherwise dull places. It’s not too shallow or deep, so you can grow beautiful flowers for all of your guests to enjoy.

The planter is made out of a high grade resin that makes it lightweight, but fairly durable and drain well. The resin is good enough to prevent rusting or rotting, so you know your planter will last.

The UV inhibitor will keep the color looking vibrant no matter how long it hangs out in the sun.

#2 – Fiskars 26-Inch Veranda 3 Gallon Rectangular Planter

This planter box is colored just right to accentuate the colors of your beautiful flowers. You can bring your garden to life using this planter.

It is a great size for storing a few flowers to add just the right touch of color to your deck or veranda. The self-centering trays help to prevent any gardening messes and possible overflow when gardening.

The planter box is made out of resin, so you know it is durable, tough and lightweight, which is great for a planter box that will have to tough it out outside with the weather.

#3 – Susquehanna SP17871 20-Inch Large Outdoor Square Planter

This planter has a beautiful rustic feel. It is made out of cedar, but it has a plastic bottom to ensure proper drainage. The plastic is also made to not rot.

Liner is not needed with this planter because the cedar wood will tighten around the plants once water and wood have been added to keep the plants tightly packed. This nice planter is fairly priced and may be the perfect addition to your outdoor deck or patio.

#4 – Duratrel 11124 White Large Planter Box

This planter box comes fully assembled., and it is a nice looking piece that will accentuate your garden nicely.

The PVC vinyl will not crack, fade or peel. So no need to worry about wear and tear causing your garden box to look ugly. Plus, that means there’s no need for you to do anything to maintain the PVC vinyl.

This box is large enough to fit two pots that are 12 inches round, so you can fit some fair sized plants. This is a good planter box that you might want to consider for your garden.