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Tree maintenance can be a pain, especially if you don't have the necessary tools. It can be dangerous to climb up a ladder with a giant saw to hack down branches. A safer alternative would be to invest in a gas-powered pole saw.

What Are the Advantages of Gas Powered Pole Saws?

When compared to an electric pole saw, the strength and endurance of a gas-powered pole saw is far more impressive. Although a gas-powered pole saw is heavier than its electric counterpart, it’s designed to have good balance, making it easy to use.

Gas pole saws are probably the best pole saw option if you have a lot of trees on your property or if the branches you’re cutting are large in diameter.

Things to Look for in a Gas Powered Pole Saw

Power. If you’re choosing to go with a gas-powered option instead of electric, you might as well make sure you’re getting a lot of power. We recommend selecting a pole saw with a motor of 25cc up to 35cc.

Extension length. The extension length you choose for your pole saw should be based on two factors: tree height and your own strength. Remember, the farther you have to reach and hold a pole away from your body, the more taxing it will be. If you don’t need a longer extension for higher limbs, it will be easier to wield a shorter pole saw.

Warranty. Investing in a gas-powered pole saw can be expensive. Make sure the pole saw you choose comes with a warranty to protect yourself if something breaks or malfunctions.

How to Use a Gas Powered Pole Saw

First and foremost, read the user manual. The best way to get to know your gas-powered pole saw is to read up and find out what features it has.

Safety first! Make sure to inspect the tree you wish to prune and be wary of rotted limbs. It’s also very important to wear protective gear, including sturdy footwear, gloves, safety goggles and a hard hat. An unexpected falling limb can do a lot of damage to your property or can cause bodily harm.

Maintain a balanced stance. As stated above, using a gas-powered pole saw can be a heavy task. If you keep your legs squared with your shoulders and maintain a solid stance, the task of pruning trees will be a lot easier.

Select and cut a branch. This guide has great instructions on how you should go about cutting limbs. It recommends beginning a “V” cut from the bottom of the branch before employing the same tactic from above. This technique is very important and efficient when tackling branches larger than 4″ in diameter.

Try not to cut too much of a limb off at once; cut each limb in sections. Once that branch is gone, make a flush cut at the trunk so that cambium can reseal the wound. That way, you won’t need to paint the tree after you prune.

For additional pointers, this article has a great list of tips and tricks to use while operating a gas-powered pole saw.

Gas Pole Saw Maintenance Tips

To extend the life of your gas-powered pole saw, make sure you take good care of it. Your user manual should give you necessary information on how to operate and care for your pole saw, but here are some important reminders.

  • Make sure your gas to oil ratio is 50:1. The gas must be non-alcoholic and the oil you use needs to be a quality two-cycle oil.
  • Clean the air filter before each use, and replace if you need to.
  • File off any metal burrs you find at the edge of your pole saw bar.
  • Once a month, replace the spark plugs of your gas-powered pole saw.
  • Be sure to check for fuel leaks before you begin to prune. The most common areas of these leaks happen from the fuel tank, the fuel lines or the engine itself.
  • Be sure your pole saw chain is properly tensioned before use. If you do increase tension before your pruning project, be sure to loosen it afterwards. After you’ve used your pole saw, the chain will contract as the unit cools. If you don’t loosen it after you’re done, this could damage your pole saw.
  • After each use, wipe down your pole saw with a wet rag. Return to its bag or case (if you have one) and store in a secure area.

Our Gas Powered Pole Saw Reviews

#1 – TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw

The TrimmerPlus PS720 has enough power and reach for any job you might need it for. Fully extended, it reaches 12 feet in length to the tip of the saw blade. This allows for an impressive extension to reach those high trimming jobs.

This gas pole saw has an adjustable auto lubricating feature to keep the blade in good condition at all times. It should be light, powerful and tough enough to handle those hard tasks.

With its 12 foot range, it is excellent for homeowners, but is also heavy duty enough for commercial applications. It features a rear impact guard to protect the engine from bumps and jolts as well as a stand-alone starter for easier changing of the pull cord if necessary.

#2 – Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole Saw

The Remington RM2599 has a chain head that is detachable, therefore easily replaced with one of the many accessory attachments available for separate purchase including an edger, trimmer, hedge trimmer, cultivator and clean sweep.

Weighing at about 17 pounds, this pole saw should be light enough to tackle long, strenuous jobs. It also features a strong braided wire cable drive for dependable performance.

This saw reaches 12 feet when fully extended, making it suitable for any yard job that you may have. It also has an auto oiler feature to make sure it’s always lubricated.

#3 – Poulan Pro PP258TP Pole Pruner

The Poulan Pro PP258TP is quite lightweight, weighing at 20 pounds. It is also easy to hold for longer duration jobs. Its 12 inch maximum reach can tackle those high and thick branches without problems. It also features comfort handles, a chain tensioner and an air purge.

This pole saw comes equipped with 25cc 2-cycle engine with Surefire quick starting feature. It has an extension pole that measures three feet long, which means you can use it to handle basic trimming jobs easily.

The saw is capable of cutting branches up to 6 inches thick. In our opinion, this gas powered pole saw is a good option for any homeowner.