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We all want a beautiful lawn around our home. And you may enjoy spending time outdoors taking care of your landscaping yourself. So, any tool that quickly and easily provides professional looking results is certainly appreciated. That's why a trimmer and edger combo will be a valuable, often used addition to your lawn care equipment.

What Is a Trimmer and Edger Combo?

Trimmer and edger combos are two-in-one lawn care tools with a single shaft or handle and either a single head with a bladed trimmer or two interchangeable heads – a trimmer head and an edger head.

You change the angle of the single, bladed head depending on whether you’re using it to trim or edge. When using a combination trimmer and edger with two heads, you switch tasks by simply detaching one head from the handle and attaching the other.

What Are the Benefits of a Trimmer and Edger Combo?

Like string trimmers, combination edgers and trimmers are small enough to trim the areas of your lawn that your lawn mower can’t reach, such as under shrubs or around trees, decorative boulders, or sculptures and other lawn ornaments. Bladed trimmers also can be used to safely mow steeply sloped areas of your lawn.

Like edgers, combination trimmers and edgers give your lawn that polished, professional finishing touch that’s provided by sharp, clean separations between your lawn and your flowerbeds, sidewalks and driveway.

Even if you have a combo trimmer and edger with two heads, the heads are light enough that you can carry both heads with you as you move from one area of your lawn to another. Carrying two heads also is much lighter than carrying two separate tools with you.

With a combo tool, you can complete trimming and edging each area as you work without having to carry two different tools around your lawn. You can complete your lawn care in half the time by completing your trimming and edging at the same time with a single trip around your lawn.

Perhaps the most important benefit of trimmer and edger combos is that they save you money. Everyone likes a two-for-one deal, and with a combination edger and trimmer, instead of investing in two separate tools, you invest in one tool and get two.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Trimmer and Edger Combo

Trimmer and edger combos can be powered by gas or electricity. Those powered by electricity come in corded and cordless models. You also have a choice between straight or curved shafts or shanks.

Power Sources

Gas powered combo trimmers and edgers with 2- and 4-cycle motors have more power than combo trimmers and edgers that are powered by electricity, and you’re assured of being able to reach your entire lawn without having to trail an extension cord behind you or stop to recharge a battery pack.

On the other hand, the fuel tank makes gas powered combo trimmers and edgers heavier than the electric models. In addition, you will need to mix gasoline with oil to power those with 2-cycle engines, and they produce a great deal of exhaust smoke. Those with 4-cycle motors use gasoline, just like your lawn mower, but also like your lawn mower, you will need to change the oil and spark plugs.

Combo trimmers and edgers that are powered by electricity are lightweight, less expensive and quiet. They also require less maintenance than gas-powered models. Battery-powered cordless models offer the most freedom, but check how much power the battery will supply, how long it will last, and how long it takes to recharge. If you choose a model with a cord, make sure that it is properly grounded every time you use it, and only use it with a heavy-duty extension cord approved for outdoor use.

Because some manufacturers now make lawn care tools that share the same battery and charger, watch for the term “bare tool only.” If you see it, it means that the combo trimmer and edger you’re considering doesn’t include a battery and charger. You will need to purchase the battery pack and charger separately.

Curved Shafts vs. Straight Shafts

Combination edgers and trimmers with curved shafts generally weigh less than those with straight shanks, which makes them more comfortable to use. The curved shank also makes it easier to maneuver around sharp angles like squared-off flower beds.

Straight shanks offer better weight balance and a longer reach when trimming under hedges and shrubs. A straight shaft also keeps the operating head farther from your body, which is safer.

Other Features to Consider

Look for a system that reduces the vibration from the trimming and edging. In addition, when choosing a combination trimmer and edger, pay particular attention to the edger. Make sure that it has a strong blade that can be replaced easily.

Also look for safety features such as a blade guard to stop flying debris and a feature that automatically stops the edger blade the moment you let go of the shaft. And lastly, check out the balance, weight and maneuverability of the models you’re considering.

Our Trimmer and Edger Combo Reviews

#1 – Black & Decker LSTE523 Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger

The Black & Decker LSTE523 comes with 3 amp lithium-ion battery pack, which is capable of generating 33 percent more power than its predecessor. This formula results in a run time that will allow you to get your job done in a single go rather than waiting to recharge multiple times.

Equipped with the PowerDrive transmission, the LSTE523 is capable of pulling more energy from the motor to the cutting string, allowing you to trim your lawn quickly.

Furthermore, this trimmer/edger features the Runtime Extension Technology with a dual mode accelerator to make sure you get optimal performance while saving power. With the runtime mode on, you can get 1 hour of runtime while using the dual mode switch

The feed spool built into this tool is also automatic, meaning you won’t have to deal with any annoying bumping at all.

#2 – WORX GT2.0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower

The WORK GT2.0 is built with support wheels for more accurate work. You can use it in a multitude of ways – as a lawn mower with a 12 inch cutting diameters, a grass trimmer, or you can convert it into an in-line edger without the use of a single tool.

Height adjustments to the 90 degree tilting shaft can be made with the pull of a lever, adding great utility to this already well performing piece of machinery.

This trimmer and edger combo boasts a 32 volt lithium-ion powered battery, making it very reliable in terms of run time. On a fully charged battery, you can pull out a good half hour from this tool. The lithium-ion battery further decreases the weight of the machine in comparison to other traditional batteries.

It only weighs in at meager 6.2 pounds and measures in at 35 x 12 x 12 inches, making it extremely portable as well.

#3 – Toro 51484 Cordless Electric Trimmer/Edger

The cordless design of the Toro 51484 allows for good portability and removes the hassle of tangled up wires or tripping while tending to your lawn. To add further to the utility, it’s capable of turning into an edger at the push of a single button, and it literally takes seconds.

The trimmer comes equipped with a 12 inch cutting width to help you clear your lawn in no time. The telescopic shaft has a 14 inch adjustment range allowing you to stay at the height you desire.

This lawn equipment boasts a 5 amp 20 volt battery pack that displays the amount of juice left in it at the press of a button. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to remove from the trimmer and insert into the charger pack.

The shaft is made out of aluminum, meaning you won’t have to deal with the nuisance of rusting. Weighing in at only 6.9 pounds, the Toro 51484 is lightweight and easily maneuverable in any situation.